We use Paypal as our payments processor. This means we can offer high levels of service and security for both registered PayPal users and leading credit cards users alike. Note that you do not have to be a registered PayPal user to purchase Riffster.



For more details visit PayPal.

This page shows exactly how Riffster is registered once you have purchased a license via PayPal. Once we have received notification of a payment then our order tracking system will send an email to the address you gave to our e-commerce handlers. The time interval can vary according to demand levels but generally we try and respond within 6 hours. However intervals of 24 hours are not unknown. It is imperative that you ensure any spam-filtering software does not filter email from NovaDSP.com. We have had problems due to spam filters that have meant legitimate customers have failed to see their registration confirmations and instructions.

1. Your machine will need an Internet connection (only for the registration process). If you do not have Internet access on the machine where Riffster is installed then
you can save the license file that is attached to your registration email into the Riffster installation folder.

2. An evaluation copy of Riffster shows the following dialog at start-up. Click on the License button.

3. You will now see the following dialog box. Enter your user name and password as specified in the licensing email. Press
Connect (You'll need to be connected to the Internet for this to work)

4. After a short period of time registration will be finalized and the NovaDSP Licensing dialog will appear as below. All is OK and your copy of Riffster will now start in Licensed mode. So the final step is to shut down Riffster and then restart.

5. These steps will have created a file called riffster.xml in your Riffster installation folder. Make a copy and keep it safe.

6. If, for some reason
, Riffster cannot connect to the registration server you will see an error message similar to that shown below. Please check that any firewall you have in place is not blocking HTTP connections on port 80 from riffster.exe.